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Extra Skin Objects for DotNetNuke

This is a simple collection of skin objects, which were designed to have small improvements over the standard DotNetNuke skin objects.

This was designed for DotNetNuke 5.x and 6.x installations.

List of Skin Objects


Allows linking of a named DNN page in the skin. The named page is dynamically found and linked at the time the skin is installed. This has the advantage of being able to use the same skin on different sites but always finding the same link. Useful for pages like 'About us' or 'Help' which need to be in the skin.

Portal Date

Generates the date of the portal as at the current timezone, instead of the timezone of the webserver. Useful for showing the date when the hosting webserver is not in the same timezone as the website.


Allows for easy inclusion of javascript script references in DotNetNuke skins. This allows a skin designer to create a cross-DNN-version skin that will leverage the later 6.x client resource management improvements.


Allows for easy inclusion of CSS stylesheets in DotNetNuke skins. This gives greater control for designing a single skin for multiple DNN versions and also leverages the later 6.x client resource management improvements.Installation


The Skin Objects installs via the Extensions link, like a normal DNN module. You will receive errors if you try and utilise a skin object in your skin without first installing the module.

The Skin objects are used by including them in your skin. The 'DarkKnightEx' skin package contains an adaptation of the DotNetNuke 'DarkKnight' skin with the skin objects in place and is one of the avilable downloads.. You can install this skin if you wish - it will show how the skin objects work. However, the main idea is to copy the implementation either from the .html and skin.xml file (pre-processed) or from the .ascx file.

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