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Project Description
DotNetNuke SkinObjectsEx is a collection of extra Skin Objects which can be included in DotNetNuke skins. These provide simple ways to link javascript and css files, create page links and portal date/time values in a skin.

The main use of the Script and Stylesheet skin objects is to provide a cross-DNN Version method of both easily including Javascript and CSS files from different locations, but also to allow your skin to leverage the Client Resource Management tools where available.

The DotNetNuke SkinObjectsEx is a package containing 4 Extra Skin Objects for use in Building DNN Skins

1. Script : This skin object allows you to easily include Javascript libraries in your skin. This uses a cross-DNN version safe way of including jQuery and jQuery UI, and utilising the Client Resource Management tools available in DNN 6.1 while still distributing skins that will work with earlier versions.

2. Stylesheet : This skin object allows you to easily include CSS Stylesheets in your skin. This is a powerful skin object that allows you to safely reference CSS inclusions, but also to put conditional statements so that you can use a different CSS File for different DNN versions. This is very important when distributing skins that are to work with DNN 5 and DNN 6.

3. PageLink : This skin object allows you to quickly and easily create a link to any DNN Page in your site, or an external Url. You can control which page, what the anchor text and Css Class is, and choose options to use 'noFollow' if required.

4. Portal Date : One for the people who host their portal in a different timezone to where they operate. This skin object allows you to show the current date of the portal, as set in the portal timezone.

Using the Skin Objects is very easy - just install like any other DNN Extension, and then include the skin objects within your skin. You can distribute this package along with your packaged skins to ensure compatibility across DNN Versions.

Minimum DNN Version is 5.1.2

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